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Celebrities at opening ceremony of Hainan Intl Film Festival


Domestic and overseas movie stars attend the opening ceremony of Hainan Intl Film Festival.

Hainan freshman motorcycles around China


​Zhou Hao, a freshman of Sanya University majoring in business administration, is traveling all over China by motorcycle this summer.

Famous singer Li Shuangjiang promotes Hainan for over 40 years


Li Shuangjiang, a famous tenor, has been connected with Hainan province for over 40 years due to his masterpiece I Love Wuzhi Mountain, I Love Wanquan River.

Romance leads to business venture


Cycling is only a leisure pursuit for most people, but a woman from Jingzhou, Hubei province, turned it into a business opportunity.

Village 'backbone' works tirelessly to improve people's lives


The 55-year-old Yang, who is from Baisha Li autonomous county in Hainan province, has visited all 58 villages in the town of Da'an, which has a population of around 15,000, hundreds of times since he was promoted to deputy director of the township last year.

Proud woman fights to preserve Li culture


Wang Xiuqin is the first female collector of the customs of the Li ethnic group and the leading woman at the frontline of Li ethnic cultural preservation.

'Preserving a magical world for posterity'


Jiang spent six years capturing the mysterious fast-moving Hainan gibbons with his camera.

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