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Efficient review


Hainan will energetically simplify administrative licensing items, focus on improving examination and approval services, eliminate more than 1,200 items subject to delegated authority to lower-level governments and adjust their examination and approval procedures, and eliminate the application materials for 875 provincial-level administrative licensing items.

Multicultural talent pool


Hainan is the youngest province in China. It grew from the grand occasion of "100,000 talents crossing the strait" in its early days, and is growing now from the magnificent feat of "1,000,000 talents entering Hainan action plan".

High-level infrastructure


A convenient "traffic network" including the sea, land and air has been constructed in Hainan.

Innovative development planning


Hainan was the first pilot province approved by the central government to carry out the reform of replacing multiple plans for provincial development with one master plan.

Open free trade zone policy


It is a major national strategy for Hainan to build a free trade zone, and gradually explore and steadily promote the free trade port construction with Chinese characteristics.



At the center of the Asia Pacific economic circle, Hainan Island, part of the southernmost province of China, is not only the largest special economic zone in the country but also a key link on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, with ready access to international shipping routes of the South China Sea. It covers a land area of 35,400 square kilometers and administers neighboring Xisha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands, as well as their waters.

Unique regional advantages


Located in the conjoining area of Asia and the Pacific Ocean, Hainan island is roughly equidistant between Japan and Singapore. It is an important maritime transportation route connecting two major water systems: the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.