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Hainan's longer visa-free policy to entice tourists


China will introduce a new 30-day visa-waiver policy in Hainan for tourists from 59 countries starting May 1 to accelerate development of the tourism industry in the province, an immigration official announced.

Hainan plan gives related firms a boost


Share prices of Hainan-related companies rallied on Monday in response to President Xi Jinping's speech on Friday supporting the building of the whole island into a pilot free trade zone and a free port with Chinese characteristics.

Foreign Investment Regulations in Hainan Special Economic Zone


These regulations are formulated in accordance to the relevant laws and regulations of the PRC and the specific circumstances of the Hainan Special Economic Zone, in order to attract foreign investment and accelerate the development of the Hainan Special Economic Zone.

Preferential Policies for Foreign Investment


Foreign-invested enterprises engaged in production and operation in Hainan Special Economic Zone must pay the enterprise income tax at the rate of 15 percent.