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Industries and Parks

Hainan Dongfang Industrial Park


Located in the southern part of the city of Dongfang, Hainan Dongfang Industrial Park was established in June 2011 with a total planned area of 46.2 square kilometers.

Wedding tourism


In recent years, wedding tourism has become increasingly popular, which has greatly stimulated the vitality of Hainan Island's tourism market.

MICE industry


Hainan province has named the MICE industry as one of its 12 most important industries for structural optimization and boosting economic growth in its 13th Five-Year Plan.



Tourism has been identified as the top priority among Hainan's 12 preferential industries.

Yangpu Economic Development Zone


Located in the Yangpu Peninsula in the northwest of Hainan, the development zone was approved as a national development zone enjoying the preferential policies of free trade zone by the State Council in 1992.

Sanya Phoenix Airport Industry Park


Sanya's new airport and the airport economic zone will be developed in phases with a planned area of 33.43 square kilometers.

Sanya Creative Industry Park


The city of Sanya began to plan the establishment of a creative industry park in 2003 and formally started the construction of the park in 2007.

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