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Danzhou Steamed Bun


The people of Danzhou, a city in northwest Hainan province, have a special liking for local steamed buns. A few dozen different types of bun are popular in the city, such as Danzhou's white steamed bun and green rice cake.

Black pudding – perfect with Lingao Rice Noodles


A nice breakfast including Lingao Rice Noodles and black pudding is an essential part of daily life in Lingao, a northwestern county in Hainan province.

Coconut Rice


Coconut Rice, also named Coconut Boat, is a traditional farmers' snack in Hainan province.

Hainan Rice Dumpling


Hainan Rice Dumplings are a traditional snack often eaten during the Dragon Boat Festival, which was the first Chinese festival selected by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage.

Pig Giblets Soup


To many foreign people, Pig Giblets Soup may sound very strange and only a few will have the courage to try it.

Chinese Fevervine


This tasty Hainan dessert soup has the funny name of "chicken dropping soup". But don't worry - the "chicken droppings" are actually made from a mixture of ground fevervine leaves, flour and sugar.

Ching Bo Leung


Ching Bo Leung is a cool refreshing sweet dessert soup commonly sold from small carts on blisteringly hot Hainan evenings. It is popular not only in Hainan, but also in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hong Kong and Macao.

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