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Hainan Flower Park (Haikou)


Hainan Flower Park sits beside the Nandu River in Fucheng town, Qiongshan district, Haikou.

Movie Town (Haikou)


Located next door to Mission Hills in Longhua district, Haikou, Movie Town's streets mimic the appearance of old movie sets.

Sanya Paddy Field National Park (Sanya)


Sanya Paddy Field National Park, located in Wanpo village, Haitang district, Sanya, Hainan is the largest rice and dinosaur theme park in Sanya to integrate agriculture and tourism.

Hainan tourist attractions suitable for senior residents


Many scenic spots in Hainan province recently held activities themed on Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival, which falls on the ninth day of the ninth lunar month, to attract elderly tourists. In China, nine is a homophone of "long", thus bringing to mind the idea of longevity.

Fun spots in Sanya to illuminate tourists' National Day holiday


Sanya, a tourist destination in Hainan province renowned both at home and abroad, recently became more popular online thanks to short videos about local tourist attractions shot by netizens.

Admire the full moon in Hainan this Mid-Autumn Festival


Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sept 24 this year. If you're going to be in Hainan province during the festivities here are our top recommendations of the province's best spots to see the full moon.

Hainan's first sea-view glass skywalk debuts in Sanya


The first sea-view glass skywalk of Hainan province opened to the public on July 29.

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