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RV travel gains popularity in China


On a warm winter day in a park in Haikou, southern China's Hainan province, several recreational vehicles (RVs) are parked in an orderly line.

International flights boost tourism in Hainan


South China's Hainan province has opened and re-launched eight international air routes by the end of April, increasing the total number of international air routes up to 60.

China plans remote sensing satellites over South China Sea


China's southern island province of Hainan has unveiled a satellite launch plan to assist remote sensing coverage over the South China Sea.

"Internet+Tourism" turns Hainan into smart international tourist island


China's Hainan province is adapting to the new trends in tourism development by combining tourism with "Internet Plus."

Hainan to boost inbound tourism by expanding international flight routes


Southern China's Hainan province is to expand its international flight routes to 100 in the next two to three years.

Free trade zones see logistical success


China's inland pilot free trade zones are deploying more resources to invest in airport extensions and logistics projects to turn themselves into "China's Memphis" - to compete with free trade zones near the coast.

UK and China allow more direct flights


The United Kingdom and China have agreed to raise the limit on the number of direct weekly flights between the two nations to 150 from 100.

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