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Belt and Road Initiative drives cruise tourism to new era


The Belt and Road Initiative is a new vision and focus of tourism development that will drive China's cruise tourism economy to a brand new era, said experts at an international meeting.

Italy's Mareczko wins Tour of Hainan fourth stage

Italy's Mareczko wins Tour of Hainan fourth stage


Cyclists compete during the fourth stage of the 2017 Tour of Hainan International Road Cycling Race in Danzhou, South China's Hainan province, Oct 31, 2017.

British researchers trace mystery deer skin back to China's Hainan


A team of researchers revealed Wednesday that two unidentified deer skins, dating from over 150 years ago and held in the Natural History Museum's historical mammal collections, had actually originated from the last-recorded wild herd of Pere David's deer.

High-tech helps position ecological 'red line' zones


A 5-month-long inspection is under way in the tropical island province of Hainan, aiming to identify and define its ecological "red line" zones using high-tech methods, including drones, location mapping and satellite positioning.

Bay chiefs on duty to protect marine resources


Hainan, an island province with a 1,823 kilometer-long coastline, is appointing bay chiefs and establishing a bay management and protection responsibility system, to better safeguard its marine ecology.

HNA launches customized travel platform


HNA Group launched its travel platform HiApp on Tuesday in accordance with the country's call for enterprise and industry upgrades.

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