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Picturesque scenery of Changjiang county in Hainan


Changjiang, a county located at the western coast of Hainan Island, provides tourists with totally different experiences from the romantic sea views on the island's eastern coast.

Aerial view of seaside sightseeing highway in Wanning, S China


Aerial photo taken on March 25, 2018 shows part of the 35-kilometer seaside sightseeing highway in Wanning, South China's Hainan province.

Location and resources make Hainan a jewel in China's crown


At the center of the Asia Pacific economic circle, Hainan Island, part of the southernmost province of China, is not only the largest special economic zone in the country but also a key link on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road, with ready access to international shipping routes of the South China Sea. It covers a land area of 35,400 square kilometers and administers neighboring Xisha, Nansha and Zhongsha islands, as well as their waters.

High-speed loop line in South China's Hainan


Photo taken on March 7, 2018 shows a bullet train running on the western track of the high-speed loop line near Qiziwan Railway Station, South China's Hainan province.

The first Chinese Sports Temple Fair opens


The Chinese Sports Temple Fair, the first of its kind in China, officially opened Feb 16 at Haitang Square in Sanya, China's Hainan province.

Hainan – China's tropical island destination


Over the upcoming 'Golden Week' Hainan will attract many holidaymakers. Twenty-four years ago, it was a very different island, with tourism in its infancy.

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