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Kapok flowers bloom in Changjiang, Hainan

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-02-22

Changjiang Li autonomous county in South China's Hainan province is known as the "hometown of kapok blossoms". Now is the best season to enjoy these amazing blooming flowers, which can be seen almost everywhere - the banks of Changhua River, the sides of country roads and on rural hills.


Kapok flowers are in bloom in Changjiang Li autonomous county, Hainan. [Photo/VCG]


The blooming kapok flowers on the banks of the Changhua River create quite a vista. [Photo/VCG]


Tourists pose for a group photo with kapok trees. [Photo/VCG]



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Changjiang Li autonomous county

The county owns traditional customs of Li ethnic group, such as brocade weaving, pottery making skills and tattooing.