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Changjiang Li autonomous county

Updated: 2023-03-22


Qizi Bay. [Photo/changjiang.gov.cn]


Qizi Bay. [Photo/changjiang.gov.cn]

Changjiang Li autonomous county is located in the west section of northwestern Hainan province, next to Baisha from the east, Ledongfrom south, Dongfang city from the southeast, Beibu Bay from the northwest and Danzhou from the northeast.


The Changjiang Shili Gallery. [Photo/changjiang.gov.cn]

Changjiang Li autonomous county covers an area of 1,617 square kilometers. Its coastline is 63.7 km and water area covers 5,533 hectares. The county owns traditional customs of Li ethnic group, such as brocade weaving, pottery making skills and tattooing. It also has many distinctive local cultures including Danzhou drama, Danzhou folk songs, Double Third Day festival of Li ethnic group and Dragon Boat Race.

It possesses convenient transportation network. The total length of the highway in the county is 654.91 km. Meanwhile, the county has four important fishing ports including Changhua, Haiwei, Xingang, and Shayutang.

In 2022, the county's regional GDP was 15.1 billion yuan ($2.2 billion), seeing a decrease of 0.9 percent.