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Local culture and sport unite at Wenchang Village Volleyball Tournament Spring Match

By CHEN BOWEN | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2024-01-16


An aerial photo of the 2024 Hainan Wenchang Village Volleyball Tournament Spring Match opening competition held on Jan 12. [Photo by Yao Tengdai/provided to chinadaily.com.cn]

Wenchang is a well-known volleyball city. The sport took root under the city's coconut groves and countryside. For locals, playing volleyball is a lifestyle. Every Spring Festival, when migrant workers return to Wenchang, it's likely that they will meet and play volleyball with their friends.

Chen Jiahuan, a town volleyball team member, said the tournament shows the enthusiasm of the Hainan people and raises spirits of hard work and enterprise.

Unlike the 2023 Hainan Township Volleyball League Wenchang series held in the summer of 2023, the spring match is supported by another major event - the Hainan Free Trade Port Villager Spring Festival Gala, which kicked off on Friday. Every villager is an actor during the gala, and every performance is full of local characteristics. The villagers write and direct the shows themselves, telling the stories of their hometown in their way and showing the charm of Wenchang's countryside.

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