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Updated: 2023-03-22


Road stretches to Shimei Bay in Wanning. [Photo/hnwnly.cn]

Wanning, situated in the southeast of Hainan Island, is 112 kilometers away from Sanya and 139 kilometers away from Haikou. 

The population of Wanning is 640,000, residing in 207 villages and communities across the city. It is renowned as a world longevity zone, and the average lifespan of its residents is five years longer than that in the country.

Wanning also enjoys a reputation as a world renowned surfing destination, the hometown of Chinese areca nuts, as well as the hometown of Chinese calligraphy and martial arts.


A competitive surfer as she rides the waves at the surfing competition of the 14th National Games in Wanning Riyue Bay. [Photo/wanning.hainan.gov.cn/]

As the host of the surfing event of the National Games, Wanning Riyue Bay has successfully held the 11th Wanning International Surfing Competition. Wanning Riyue Bay has also settled in many top surfing competitions at around the world since 2010, attracting  over 2,000 athletes from 40 different countries to gather in Wanning.

Wanning is located at the junction of a tropical and a subtropical tropical monsoon climate, providing it with excellent ecology and a pleasant climate. The average annual temperature is 24.8 C. On its 109 km coastline, there are more than 10 beautiful high-quality bays, two inland seas, as well as seven scenic islands and peninsulas.


Dazhou Island. [Photo/hnwnly.cn]

The county-level city boasts picturesque scenery and an abundance of tourism resources. Tourists can not only appreciate the natural landscape in Wanning, such as grotesque mountains, peculiarly-shaped stones, and beaches, but also its cultural relics and historical sites. Popular tourist attractions in Wanning include Dongshan Ridge, Xinglong Hot Springs, Nanwan Bay, Riyue Bay, and Chunyuan Bay. 

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-20), Wanning's agricultural product processing and green building materials industries grew rapidly, and the city received more than 20 million overnight tourists. The non-real estate investment accounted for more than 50 percent of the city's total, and its economic vitality continues to increase, with 45,000 market entities contributing to "domestic circulation". During this period, the total retail sales of consumer goods were fifth highest in the province. 

In 2022, Wanning's GDP reached 29.9 billion yuan ($4.34 billion), ranking seventh among Hainan province, up 2.4 percent year-on-year.