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Spring scenery boosts Hainan's tourism industry

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-03-16


On March 15, tourists visit Rose Valley in Bohou village, Jiyang district, Sanya. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

As spring arrives, Hainanhas become a hot spot for tourists seeking to experience the beauty of the season. Spring is becoming a driver of tourism, with activities like flower-gazing, hiking, and camping becoming popular.

To capitalize on the season, local tourist spots have been promoting spring-themed activities such as flower viewing, picnicking, and camping.

Shibei Park in Haikou has seen 2,000 daily visitors and introduced new tourist activities such as cooking, camping, and painting.

The Wenbi Peak Tourist Area in Ding'an has recently added a unique attraction where thousands of orchids are blooming on trees along the pathways.

A flower exhibition showcasing over 160 varieties of bougainvillea is also being held at the Sanya Rose Valley. The exhibition is expected to attract a large number of visitors to the region, helping the rural economy recover.

The popularity of flower appreciation has given a boost to the local economy, with many businesses, from coffee shops to flower farms, experiencing a surge in demand. For example, the Triangle Plum Farm in Haikou is organizing a flower exhibition covering 100,000 square meters, with accompanying service areas for shopping and coffee, aiming to provide visitors with an immersive experience.

According to Wang Jiansheng, chairman of the Hainan Tourism Development Research Association, Hainan should create unique tourism projects that are not limited by season, enrich tourism products through cultural guidance, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the tourism sector, thereby bringing sustainable and comprehensive consumption to scenic spots.