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Hainan resumes its 30-day, visa-free policy

By CHEN BOWEN in Haikou | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2023-03-15


Sanya Phoenix International Airport. [Photo/IC]

China resumed visa-free transits in Hainan province on Wednesday.

The policy, designed for tourists from 59 countries, had been used in the province since 2018. Under the policy, individuals with ordinary passports from listed countries can enjoy visa-free entry to Hainan and are entitled to stay in the province for up to 30 days for business, family visits, tourism, medical treatment, exhibitions or sports competitions.

The resumption demonstrates Hainan's opening-up to the world, and a the deepening of interconnections between Hainan and visa-free countries, especially in terms of economy, trade and cultural exchanges, according to the Hainan Bureau of International Economic Development.

A representative from the bureau noted that more foreign enterprises and projects are expected to be established in the province's free trade port.

The third China International Consumer Products Expo will be held in Haikou in April. With the policy resumption, more CEOs of global leading companies, overseas exhibitors and foreign buyers are expected to participate in person, reflecting the expo's intention to "buy the world, and sell the world", the bureau said.

"The resumption will further improve the international accessibility of the Hainan FTP," said Li Shijie, dean of the School of Economics at Hainan University. "It will facilitate short stays of overseas personnel in Hainan and enhance the province's competitiveness in attracting international talent."

Li believes it will also activate the province's inbound tourism market, benefit its civil aviation industry, accelerate the return of consumption and promote the construction of an international tourism consumption center.

Russian expatriate Sergei Orlov, an entrepreneur and travel marketer in Sanya, said it's definitely good news for Hainan's travel industry.

"With visa-free opportunities, more international tourists will come to Hainan, and my company's business will likely be in demand," he said.

Albert Yip, director-general of the Sanya tourism promotion board, said that in recent years the board has been committed to the upgrading and renewal of Sanya's tourism resources and introducing large-scale cultural and sports activities, diverse music activities, exhibitions, conferences and exhibitions. With the policy resumption, such activities now can attract more international tourists to Sanya.

"The board is also carrying out tourism promotion activities overseas. With the policy resumption, we're confident in making Sanya a new benchmark for the construction of Hainan FTP," Yip added.