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Haikou to launch series of activities on Lantern Festival

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2023-02-03

This year's Lantern Festival falls on Feb 5. Haikou, capital of Hainan province, will launch a series of activities to provide citizens and tourists with a profound, novel and interesting tourism and cultural feast.

This year's Lantern Festival will feature 13 activities, which will be held in the five large areas of Fucheng, Hairui's Former Residence, Fengxiang Wetland Park, Hainan Tropical Flower Trade (Auction) Market, and Qiongzhou Cultural Street.

A "2023 Lantern Festival - our festival" themed activity will be held in Wanlyu Garden from Feb 3 to 5. It will gather traditional handicrafts and intangible cultural heritages to give citizens and tourists a new experience of the traditional Lantern Festival.

On the evening of Lantern Festival, the "Hainan Star" and the "Haikou Star" cruise ships will set sail, carrying people to enjoy different night views of the city.


A cruise ship in Haikou. [Photo/WeChat account: hnslwt]

From Feb 1 to 5, Hairui Cultural Park will hold a number of theme activities to let citizens and tourists feel different flavors of the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

From Feb 1 to 21, the 2023 Spring Festival Lantern Festival will continue to be displayed in the Dongfanghong Scenic Spot.

From 19:00 to 21:30 on Feb 3 to 5, an event will be held in the Qilou Old Street, in which tourists will be able to experience the collision and exchange of Chinese and western cultures.


The Sichuan Opera's face-changing performance in Qilou Old Street.  [Photo/WeChat account: hnslwt]

From Feb 5 to 11, the first random dance competition in China will be held in the commercial street square of Tianhui Old Wharf.

At the Shuixiangkou Pedestrian Street, tourists can enjoy Hainan noodles, spicy rice soup, cheese sausage and other Hainan specialties. There are also wonderful roadshow activities such as Qiongju Opera, songs, Li ethnic dances, dragon dances, magic, fire breathing, and puppet shows.

A Cheongsam Show, intangible cultural heritage paper-cut display, Hanfu show and other Chinese traditional cultural performances will be performed at the National Wind Recitation Concert in 898 Art Village on Feb 4.