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Recommended sea-view hotels in Hainan

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-11-29

1. Hainan Huangma Holiday Group

Hainan Huangma Holiday Group was founded in 1999. It is committed to introducing and promoting Hainan's local culture with themed hotels and catering. It has created landmark themed hotels brands such as the Huangma Holiday Hotel and Nanyang Museum Hotel.

The Group owns nine hotels and several brand restaurants. It is a comprehensive group, integrating boutique theme hotels, large-scale banquets, all-weather tea markets, seafood, tropical fruits and wild vegetables, Hainan specialty exhibition and marketing, and Hainan culture communication.


Huangma Holiday Hotel. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

2. Sanya Conifer Resort

Sanya Conifer Resort is a sea-view hotel located on the coastline of Sanya Bay Tourist Area. Its unique Z-shaped architectural design, 1200 square meters of air infinity swimming pool and 70 meters high overhanging transparent swimming pool make it one of Sanya's distinctive landmark buildings.

The hotel has 397 deluxe sea view rooms and suites, as well as a 1200-sq-m large multi-function hall and nine conference halls, which can meet different meeting needs.

The hotel also has a variety of delicious food, a well-designed spa room, a fitness center, a 500 sq m children's center, and various leisure and entertainment projects to enrich your vacation.

Hotline: 0898-88685888

Hotel address: No 189, Sanya Bay Road, Sanya.


A room in Sanya Conifer Resort. [Photo/Hainan Daily]

3. Wenchang Yunjuan Yunshu Homestay

Wenchang Yunjuan Yunshu Homestay is located in the Tongguling ecotourism area. There are attractions such as the Tongguling nature reserve, the satellite launch base, the coconut forest, Song Qingling's Former Residence, Yueliang Bay and Qishui Bay and other tourist attractions nearby. The beach at the entrance of the homestay is a good place to watch the satellite launch.

There are 14 guest rooms, which are equipped with floor to ceiling glass windows. You can see the clouds and the sea when lying on the bed. The homestay also has a spacious courtyard. It also provides entertainment projects such as coconut picking, sea fishing, going to the sea, and barbecue. The homestay is also equipped with various books, sand digging toys, guitars, and a chess set. The hotel provides a wide variety of  seafood every day.

Hotline: 086-17608999663

Home stay address: Nanhai Port, Haibin village, Longlou town, Wenchang city.