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Hainan releases 10 rural leisure travel routes

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-11-02

The Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently held a promotion event in Wuzhishan to release 10 rural leisure tourism boutique routes and 35 rural leisure tourism boutique attractions.

The 10 routes and 35 tourism attractions mainly focuses on study tours and family tours, including those themed around local culture, natural science popularization, farming experiences, historical culture, red culture, and summer resorts.

These routes and tourism attractions have connected the beautiful villages, leisure agricultural spots, revolutionary memorial parks, and other high-quality tourism resources of the province, providing tourists rural leisure tourism products that will cater to their needs and cover multiple forms of business. The release of these routes and tourism attractions is also expected to boost the steady recovery of rural leisure tourism consumption in the province.

Route 1: Journey to Perfume World in Tunchang

Tunchang county - Dream Xiangshan Aromatic Culture Park - Durian Honey Park - Delphinium Flower Field - Lemon Theme Park - Flower Gallery - Bulao Spring - Crystal Love Workshop - Jilipo Castle - Fragrant Cube Science Museum - Perfume World

Route 2: Sanya fishing village culture and food tour

Sanya downtown - West Island - Wenmen village - Gangmen village


West Island. [Photo provided by Sanya tourism promotion board]

Route 3: Qionghai leisure agriculture tour

Qionghai - Jiaji Dayuan Ancient Village - World Tropical Fruit Window Base - Shengda Leisure Agriculture Sightseeing Park

Route 4: Danzhou Jiahe modern leisure agriculture sightseeing tour

Take sightseeing bus in Yongxia Square - Sandie Creek - Shijing Bridge - Shanlan Tribe Campsite - Gold Coconut Forest - Yongxia Square

Route 5: Beautiful rural tour in Changjiang

Bawangling - Sanpai village in Wangxia township - Langlun village - Hongshui village - Qizi Bay - Juyuan Flower Base - Hefeng Flower Base

Route 6: Haikou red culture tour

Haikou downtown - Chen Dehua Martyrs Memorial Pavilion - Zhongkai village - 898 Art Village - Jintang Leisure Farm

Route 7: Haikou history and culture tour

Haikou - Yanfeng People's Revolutionary Memorial Park - Sumin Revolutionary History Memorial Hall - Dongzhaigang Mangrove Tourist Area - Fangyuan International Art Village - Yaocheng village - Lianlizhi Fisherman's Club - Douteng Fishing village

Route 8: Baoting ecological rainforest research tour

Baoting county - Xiuli Villa - Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone - Binglanggu Li and Miao Cultural Heritage Park

Route 9: Wenchang aerospace study tour

Wenchang Aerospace Theme Park - Chunguang Coconut Museum - Song Qingling's Ancestral Residence

Route 10: Wuzhishan folk customs study tour

Wuzhishan downtown - Hainan Provincial Museum of Nationalities - Wuzhishan Red Canyon Cultural Tourist Area - Maona village