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Recommended museums in Sanya

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-06-10

Here is a list of some recommended museums in Sanya worth visiting.
1. Sanya Natural Museum
Sanya Natural History Museum is the only natural history museum in Hainan province. Its collections include fossils in western Liaoning, which were called "the most amazing discovery in the 20th century" by the United Nations Educational, Science, and Cultural Organization, as well as precious paleontological fossils from all over the country and unique local animal specimens in Hainan. There are more than 2,000 exhibits in the museum.


Sanya Natural Museum. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

2. Camera Museum of Sanya University
The Camera Museum of Sanya University explores the history and development of the camera. In 2016, Shen Ge, a collector of antique cameras in Guangdong province, donated more than 500 antique cameras that he had collected throughout his life to Sanya University, enabling more people to appreciate this collection.
There are classic cameras from around the globe, such as Leica in Germany, Dallmeyer in Britain, Kodak in the United States, and Konica in Japan, as well as several by domestic brands like Seagull, Shanghai, and Phoenix.


A Leningrad camera is exhibited in the Camera Museum of Sanya University. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

3. Sanya Municipal Museum
In November 2021, the Sanya Cultural Center project started construction in Baopo village, with a total investment of about 1 billion yuan ($148 million) and a total land area of about 46,000 square meters. A museum and a comprehensive archive will be built there.
Currently under construction, it will focus on exhibitions, research, education, cultural and creative design, as well as archives collection and preservation. To address public demand, more cultural relics at home and abroad will be collected and introduced to continuously meet the diversified needs of residents and tourists.


A design sketch of the Sanya Municipal Museum. [Photo/Sanya Daily]