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Hainan agri products logistics park improves industrial layout

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-05-27

Hainan Wanling Logistics Park of Agricultural Products Processing is preparing to build an international agricultural products processing industrial park in Hainan Free Trade Port to improve its industrial layout. 

Located in Qiongzhong Li and Miao autonomous county, it is the only provincial-level industrial park in the central part of Hainan province and covers a planned area of 9,300 mu (620 hectares).

The park focuses on high-end food manufacturing. It relies on the island’s raw materials, such as coconut, betel nut, fruits, and vegetables, to create products like dried seafood, nuts, dairy products, and snack food. By making use of Hainan FTP preferential policies, such as 30 percent processing value-added import tax exemptions, it focuses on producing products that are not subject to quota restrictions and have higher tariffs.

To date, the park has introduced 38 enterprises. "With the advantage of Qiongzhong's location, it only takes about an hour for our new tea to be delivered to any city or county on the island," said Ye Maohai, general manager of Hainan Nongken Wushi Baimaling Tea Industry.

Ye added that he is optimistic about the park's development prospects. "Relying on the logistics hub of the park, tea can be processed here and transported nationwide, which will help our development and growth," he said.

Currently, a general aviation airport is being planned and constructed around the park. The Wanling Jinlin General Aviation Airport will make full use of the advantages of Hainan's seventh freedom of navigation and channel construction to promote itself becoming an international aviation logistics hub.


On May 25, staff members discuss beekeeping production in the exhibition hall of Hainan Wanling Agricultural Products Processing and Logistics Park. [Photo/Hainan Daily]