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Recommended fruit picking destinations in Hainan

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-05-19

Hainan is located in the tropics and boasts a rich variety of fruits. In recent years, picking tourism has become popular because it allows tourists to experience rural scenery, experience the fun of picking, and taste seasonal fresh fruits.

Here are some recommended fruit picking destinations in Hainan.

1. Picking lychees in Haikou

At present, Haikou volcanic lychees have entered the picking period. There are several lychee picking gardens in the Shishan Volcano Cluster. While picking lychees, tourists can also explore ancient volcanic villages.


Haikou volcanic lychees. [Photo/WeChat account: hnslwt]

2. Picking wampees in Danzhou

The midsummer in June is the season for Hainan's wampee to mature. Wampees are not only a high-quality fruit, but also boast high medicinal value. Their leaves, fruit, and seeds can be used as medicine, which helps aid digestion and relieve heat.

Nanji village in Danzhou's Dacheng town has 10 mu (0.67 hectares) of wampee gardens with a history of more than 300 years. After picking in Nanji village, tourists can also go to the nearby Danzhou Park of Hainan Tropical Botanical Garden to experience the magic of nature.


A boy eats wampees in a yard. [Photo/WeChat account: hnslwt]

3. Picking mangoes in Changjiang

As the main mango producing area in China, Hainan has a long history of mango planting and boasts a wide range of mango varieties. Changjiang is a famous hometown of mangoes in China. In addition to picking mangoes, tourists can go to Wangxiaxiang and other places to enjoy the idyllic scenery and Li customs.

4. Picking wax apples in Qionghai

Hainan's location makes it an advantageous place to grow wax apples, also called bell-fruit. The wax apples in Dalu town are a special agricultural product in Qionghai due to their large shape, delicious taste, and crisp texture.


Wax apples in Qionghai. [Photo/WeChat account: hnslwt]

5. Picking coconuts in Wenchang

Wenchang is known as the hometown of coconuts in China, and Dongjiao town is the main coconut producing area in Wenchang. There are many varieties of coconuts here, such as red coconut and green coconut. The Dongjiao Coconut Grove, located on the seaside peninsula of Dongjiao town, is a scenic spot with lush coconut trees and beautiful scenery.