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Hainan to further Danzhou, Yangpu integrated development

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-05-10


An aerial view of Yangpu Port. [Photo/VCG]

On May 9, the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee and the Hainan Provincial People's Government issued opinions on supporting the integrated development of Danzhou and Yangpu.

Since the establishment of the Hainan Free Trade Port, both Danzhou and Yangpu have improved their comprehensive ability. However, both places have some shortcomings that are affecting their development. Danzhou has an unreasonable industrial structure, lacks project and talent support, weak scientific and technological innovation capabilities, as well as shortcomings in ecological protection and people's livelihood. Yangpu has limited development space and incomplete city functions. As a result, the development of market entities is insufficient, and the effect of the FTP policy's stress test is not obvious.

To address these problems, Hainan has put forward 28 support measures covering seven aspects, including optimizing space and industrial layout, policy support, public facilities construction, social management, as well as strengthening risk prevention and control. Through these measures, the province aims to further optimize the overall regional development pattern of the province, improve the coordinated development level of Danzhou and Yangpu, as well as create the third pole of high-quality development in Hainan.

For example, the province will support Danzhou in building a development model for the Hainan FTP, as well as promote a series of early arrangement policies to accumulate experience for the island-wide customs clearance operation.

In terms of social management, Danzhou and Yangpu are allowed to independently issue high-level talent identification standards and attract high-end talents with market-oriented salaries. The two cities will also simplify the work procedures for overseas talents and have the approval authority for foreigners' work permits.

The opinions note that the GDP of the Yangpu area in Danzhou will exceed 150 billion yuan ($22.3 billion) by 2025, while the urbanization rate of the permanent population will reach 60 percent. By 2035, an international coastal industrial city will be basically built, which will boast an ecological and business environment that are at an international first-class level.