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Delegates’ Voices

Sanya to become intl tourist destination, innovation hub

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-04-28

Sanya will implement the requirements in the report of the 8th CPC Hainan Provincial Congress to develop the Sanya Economic Circle, as well as to build itself into an international tourist destinationand a high-tech innovation hub of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

Bao Hongwen, deputy secretary of the CPC Sanya Municipal Committee and mayor of Sanya, detailed how the city plans to achieve these goals when he attended the second delegates' interview event of the 8th CPC Hainan Provincial Congress on April 27.

Bao Hongwen delivers a speech at the second delegates' interview event of the 8th CPC Hainan Provincial Congress. [Photo/Sanya Daily]Bao said that Sanya would play the leading role in the Sanya Economic Circle, deepen cooperation with surrounding cities and counties like Lingshui, Ledong, and Baoting, as well as promote the transportation interconnection of the Sanya Economic Circle.

In terms of building an international tourist destination, Bao said, "We will focus on the strategic positioning of the core area of the international tourism consumption center, accelerate the layout and construction of a number of large-scale cultural tourism consumption complexes, and build an international tourism destination to facilitate consumption."

In order to build a scientific and technological innovation hub, Sanya will fully support the construction of the "Nanfan Slicon Valley," as well as promote the integration of Nanfan and tropical high-efficiency agriculture. In addition, Sanya will promote the innovative development of the marine industry, create a number of scientific research platforms, as well as focus on cultivating a number of key industries, such as marine biology, marine medicine, and marine energy.