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Hainan's Chengmai county reports 1 COVID-19 asymptomatic case

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2022-02-21

The Hainan Provincial COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters held a press conference on Feb 19 and announced that there was one confirmed new COVID-19 asymptomatic case detected in Chengmai county. 

According to officials, the affected person came to Hainan from another province. They took flight MF8341 to Hainan on Feb 17 with a negative nucleic acid test certificate. On Feb 18, they took a nucleic acid test at Chengmai County People's Hospital, with the results showing an abnormality. On Feb 19, the provincial epidemic prevention and control headquarters diagnosed the person as an asymptomatic case. At present, the person has been transferred to a designated hospital for treatment.

Chengmai county has launched an emergency plan. By tracing the affected person's activity trajectory, they found that the person had traveled through Haikou Meilan International Airport, Minxing community of Jinjiang town, Chengmai county, Shiweiguan restaurant in Qianqiu Square, Chengmai county, and Chengmai County People's Hospital in Hainan. Chengmai county implemented closure and control management measures in the case's residential area, as well as carried out disinfection efforts around the case's activity trajectory.

As of 15:30 on Feb 19, 31 close contacts have been initially identified and are undergoing quarantine, while being medically observed. Hainan has also conducted 3,132 nucleic acid tests, including 79 environmental samples, as well as 28 tests of close contacts and other key groups, with all of the test results being negative. To date, Chengmai county has opened two quarantine hotels with 275 rooms.