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Sanya - Xisha Islands cruise tour sets to sail

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-11-25

China Travel Group's cruise ship, dubbed the "Dream of the South China Sea", has completed docking repairs and will begin offering a four-day tour from Sanya to Xisha Islands in 2022.

Regular docking repairs are a crucial component in ensuring the safety of cruise ships. During docking repairs, the ship was comprehensively upgraded in terms of its beauty, comfort, function, and practicality.

It now has a more comfortable and cleaner guest room environment for tourists with new mattresses, bedding updates, storage bags, and more frequent disinfection.

The ship now has a VIP restaurant with private rooms, a varied menu, and comfortable dining chairs. It also installed a book bar.


The "Dream of the South China Sea" cruise berths at the Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

Here is the four-day itinerary for the "Dream of the South China Sea" cruise.

Day 1: Set sail for the Xisha Islands from Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal.

Day 2: Travel to Yinyu Island in the morning and feel the charm of the sea of seven colors. In the afternoon, go to Quanfu Island and enjoy the beautiful pink beach. There are wonderful singing and dancing performances to watch in the evening.

Day 3: After a delicious breakfast, play beach volleyball, tug of war and participate in various other activities on Quanfu Island. In the afternoon, set sail for the Yinyu Island to try out some semi-submersible sightseeing boats, among other things.

Day 4: Return to Sanya Phoenix Island International Cruise Terminal and end at the Xisha Islands.


The underwater world of the Xisha Islands. [Photo/Sanya Daily]

Tips: Visitors who have traveled abroad in the past 28 days, or passed through high-risk areas or epidemic areas in the past 14 days are not accepted. All passengers must provide two negative nucleic acid test reports within the past 48 hours before boarding. Tourists can call +86-400-6620-210 for consultation and reservation services.