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People without Chinese ID cards can make online medical appointments in Hainan

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-11-04

Since Nov 3, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hainan Medical College opened online medical appointment services for people who are not Chinese resident ID holders. They can use their passports or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan ID cards to make online medical appointments. 

The hospital has established an English appointment interface. After submitting relevant medical files, non-Chinese resident ID card holders can use a medical card to make appointments, pay fees, and view results online.

Li Caiwang, chairman of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Hainan Province, said that the opening of the online appointment channel will solve the medical inconvenience for overseas Chinese, people from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, and other foreigners in Hainan.

Li added that the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of Hainan Province will continue to pay more attention to the needs and requirements of the vast number of overseas Chinese visiting or staying in Hainan for extended periods of time, and solve problems and provide services for them.

Some overseas Chinese from Japan, Australia, the United States, Canada and Malaysia as well as people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan experience the online appointment system for the first time at the Second Affiliated Hospital on Nov 3.

Cai Shuangfei, president of the Australian Hainan Chamber of Commerce, said that the move meets the medical needs of overseas people in Hainan.