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Hainan FTP's first imported helicopter completes customs clearance

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-08-12


Hainan FTP's first imported helicopter completes customs clearance at Haikou Port Customs on Aug 10. [Photo/WeChat account Hainan FTP]

The Hainan Free Trade Port saw its first imported helicopter finish customs clearance procedures at Haikou Port Customs on Aug 10, according to reports from Hainan Daily.

Imported by Hainan Offshore Helicopter General Aviation, the 4-million-yuan ($620,000) aircraft saved 613,000 yuan in import taxes due to the preferential Hainan FTP policies.

"After the release of the Master Plan for the Construction of the Hainan FTP, we have been very optimistic about the development in Hainan. Now we have successfully imported the first 'zero-tariff' helicopter, which cut a lot of costs for our company and increased our confidence in future development," said Meng Lei, general manager of Hainan Offshore Helicopter General Aviation.

According to the "zero-tariff" policy for vehicles and yachts, enterprises that are registered in the Hainan FTP and have a separate legal personality, are entitled to enjoy no import taxes when they are engaged in the following industries which are included in the positive list: transportation and tourism, vehicle imports, auto, aviation, shipping and yachting, .

The Hainan FTP has now seen its "zero-tariff" policies benefit cars, planes and boats. On Jan 29 this year, Hainan FTP imported 46 catamarans at a value of 5.5 million yuan, and a tax reduction of 1.9 million yuan. On May 19, a Toyota Hiace 13-seater commercial vehicle valued at 227,000 yuan, which was imported by a Hainan company, was cleared at customs with a tax savings of about 84,000 yuan.



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