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Hainan Expo

Exhibition Halls

hainanexpo.org.cn | Updated: 2021-04-23


Fashion Life

High-end consumer goods, cosmetics, apparel, shoes, bags, watches, fashion, household goods and handicrafts. 


Gold, platinum, silver jewelry and accessories, jade inlaid jewelry, diamond, pearl, amber jewelry and products, raw materials and semi-finished products of the precious stone and jade crafts.

Food & Supplements

liquor, soft drinks, sweets and snack foods, canned food, convenience food, tea, coffee, dairy products, ice cream, ham, meat products, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, health products and pet supplies. 

Hospitality & Professional Services

logistics, finance, legal consulting, commercial retail, commercial real estate, cross-border e-commerce and testing services. 

Pavilion of Provinces, Municipalities, Autonomous Regions of China

Premium consumer products, Chinese time-honored brands and tourism scenery