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Roland Berger exec: Foreign firms view China favorably

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-04-22

Foreign companies were seeing the business environment quite favorably in China, said Denis Depoux, global managing director at Roland Berger in an interview at this year's Boao Forum for Asia.

Depoux praised China's actions to control the COVID-19 pandemic, and said that the country demonstrated an extraordinary resilience in its supply chain through the crisis, coming back to normal very rapidly last year, which is contributing to the global recovery.

He also said that Hainan offers a new framework which essentially pioneers some new features, and creates a good the portal for the development of new things, which can then roll out to the rest of China.

Reporter: Ouyang Shijia

Video journalist: Wang Yuxi

Video editors: Zhang Jie, Zhao Shiyue and Zhao Tingting

Supervisor: Zhang Chunyan