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Hainan to build 5 tropical disease platforms

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-04-02

Hainan unveiled a sub-center for the National Tropical Disease Research Center on March 29, as well as announced its plans to build five tropical disease platforms. 

The center will be jointly built by the Hainan Provincial Health Commission and the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It will include five platforms for: tropical disease monitoring, early warning, prevention and control technologies; medical research; clinical diagnosis and treatment research; training and education; and international exchanges.

The tropical disease monitoring, early warning, prevention and control technology platform will focus on promoting screenings of tropical diseases, identifying new tropical disease pathogens, and performing on-site epidemiological investigations and outbreak monitoring.

The medical science research platform will be committed to carrying out tropical medicine-related scientific research, and promoting modern biology, vaccines and other technologies to improve the ability to respond to, prevent and control emerging tropical infectious diseases. It will also enhance research in tropical biology, toxicology, ecology and other areas to improve application of new tropical vector prevention and control technologies. Moreover, it will carry out research on immunology, comparative medicine, and drug treatment of tropical disease-related hosts to enhance its tropical disease diagnosis and treatment abilities.

The clinical diagnosis and treatment platform will carry out research on clinical medicine, new diagnostic technologies, and new treatment methods of tropical diseases to improve clinical innovation research capabilities. It will enhance emergency treatment, clinical diagnosis and treatment of new and recurring tropical diseases, and do research into new technologies to improve diagnosis and treatment of new and recurring tropical diseases.

The training and education platform will make full use of the resources of Hainan Medical University and the Hainan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and seek to promote the cultivation of professionals and talents in tropical diseases.

The tropical disease exchange platform will help carry out international exchanges between the provinces of South China and Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean coast, Africa and other countries and regions. It will seek to establish a cooperation mechanism for the prevention and control of tropical diseases in countries and regions along the Maritime Silk Road, share the scientific and technological achievements made in tropical medicine research and tropical disease prevention and control in different countries, and contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.



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