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Building FTZ and Free Trade Port

Wenchang aerospace supercomputing center to be completed in 2021

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-03-15

The Wenchang Aerospace Supercomputing Center, a key part of the construction of "smart Hainan" as well as of Wenchang's plans to build a space science and technology city, will be completed in 2021 and start to offer services in 2022.

The dates were announced at a press conference held on March 13 in Hainan's capital city, Haikou.

The big data project will rely on supercomputing capabilities to analyze, process, and integrate massive aerospace data resources in order to create usable data assets. These will then be used to provide real-time and accurate computer simulations and big data services to industries related to aerospace, land, ocean, the environment, meteorology, smart cities, and others.

To date, three of the project's innovative applications - Hainan Highway Toll System, the Wenchang Environmental Supervision and Monitoring Big Data Service Platform, and Wenchang Aerospace Supercomputing Vehicle Service Platform - have been put into operation.

The center's services were introduced at the press conference, and attendees were also given details of its supercomputing center hardware facilities, its scientific achievements in big data, the remote sensing satellite big data industry, and the Beidou location big data industry. 

The conference also introduced the aerospace supercomputing big data service project with a focus on three major industries. It introduced the research and development results of data products, as well as the current applications of aerospace supercomputing big data in ecological and environmental protection, water and water conservancy, multi-regulation, mileage charging, vehicle management, urban parking and other fields.

Highlights of technical achievements such as highway smart tolls, Wenchang's high-definition maps and massive data processing were put on display at the conference.


A rendering of the Wenchang Aerospace Supercomputing Center project. [Photo/hinews.cn]