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Beautiful New Hainan

Best places in Hainan to enjoy night-time tours

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2021-02-25

Lingshui Li autonomous county

Night-time diving on the Boundary Island

A night view of the Boundary Island.[Photo/hinews.cn]

You might have seen many beautiful views in the world during the daytime, but the tranquil beauty of the ocean floor at night is something you should not miss. Night diving on Boundary Island in Lingshui Li autonomous county is the perfect way to see it.

Camping on Daidai Island

A view of camping in Daidai Island.[Photo/hinews.cn]

It is the most romantic thing to camp with your beloved on the beach at Daidai Island in Lingshui Li autonomous county. With the gentle sea breeze, you walk barefoot, watch the fireworks bloom, and start your amazing night tour. 


Bonfire party at Red Canyon Culture Tourist Area

A view of the bonfire party at Red Canyon Culture Tourist Area. [Photo/hinews.cn]

When you mention Wuzhishan Red Canyon Cultural Tourism Area, many people think of rafting. There is also a kind of carnival called a "bonfire party" where you can drink and sing at night. This outdoor feast is worth visiting.


Muse Lake

The sunset over Muse Lake. [Photo/hinews.cn]

At dusk, Muse Lake offers the most unforgettable views. The views include mountains and grassland, blue waves and flocks of birds. 


Qinglan Port Scenic Area

A view of the Qinglan Port Scenic Area. [Photo/hinews.cn]

Qinglan Port Scenic Area, with Qinglan Port at its center, offers scenic spots as well as historical sites including the Dongjiao Coconut Grove, the Wenbi Pagoda, Gaolong Bay Resort, and the Hougang Bay mangrove forest.

Qiongzhong Li and Miao autonomous county 

Baihua Langqiao (Hundreds of Flowers Covered Bridge)


The night view of Baihua Langqiao.[Photo/hinews.cn]

Baihua Langqiao, or Hundreds of Flowers Covered Bridge, is located on Yinggen Road, Qiongzhong Li and Miao autonomous county, within the scenic area of Baihualing. The covered bridge, with two corridors standing side by side, forms a unique shape. The bridge is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, which can be seen from afar, and gurgling water can be heard nearby.

Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county 

Qixian Square

The night view of Qixian Square. [Photo/hinews.cn]

The night-time in Baoting is breathtaking, with dazzling lanterns and colorful neon colors. Qixian Square has seven totem poles, each labeled as one of the seven gods worshipped by the Li ethnic group. They are the gods of grain, rain, wine, music, dance, medicine and textiles.

Baoting Ethnic Scenery Street

The night view of Baoting Ethnic Scenery Street. [Photo/hinews.cn]

Baoting Ethnic Scenery Street is located in the downtown center of Baoting Li and Miao autonomous county. It a scenic area with traditional ancient architectural features and Li-Miao customs, combining tourism with leisure and shopping. It integrates Li and Miao architectural traditions with the local tropical rainforest climate, and is a window to show the customs of the local ethnic minorities.

Changjiang Li autonomous county

Changjiang New Era Civilization Practice Center Square 

People flock to Changjiang New Era Civilization Practice Center Square to enjoy light shows. [Photo/Changjiang News]

The main streets, squares and parks of Changjiang New Era Civilization Practice Center Square are decorated with red lanterns, flower stands, and various lamps. Here you can immerse yourself in the happy and festive atmosphere as you appreciate the nice city scenery.

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