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Updated: 2021-02-18


Feicui New Area [Photo/wzs.gov.cn]

Located in the middle of Hainan Island and named after the nearby mountain, Wuzhishan is a regional center and a transportation hub with an altitude of 328.5 meters, the highest in Hainan province. 

Wuzhishan covers an area of 1,169 square kilometers and has a population of 107,000. The Nansheng River, the upper branch of the Changhua River, goes through the city from east to west. With an agreeable climate and beautiful scenery, the city is known as a "natural villa" or an "emerald jade city".


Wuzhishan Mountain [Photo/wzs.gov.cn]

When the CMA Public Meteorological Service Center unveiled its list of "China's Natural Oxygen Bars" in 2020, Wuzhishan was the only city on the tropical island province of Hainan to be awarded the title.

Wuzhishan also has two great canyon rafting sites, which are both paradise for rafting. In addition, Atuoling Mountain in Wuzhishan is known for its "most beautiful mountain road", with bicycle greenways connecting 57 administrative villages in seven townships in the city.

Wuzhishan is rich with mineral resources with high exploitation values, such as kaolin, marble, graphite and mineral water. About 75 per cent of the city is covered by forests, which shelter 1,400 sorts of woody plants, 150 species of rare and precious woods and 1,000 medical plants. Shuiman Tea, a sort of hand-made green tea, is made of wild tea leaves that only grow in Shuiman village, Hainan. There are currently over 100 species of orchidaceae in Hainan, all with great economic value and development prospects. There are 524 species of wild animals on Wuzhishan mountain, a full 22 per cent of the total number in China. More importantly, many botanic species only exist in Hainan, which brings the city unique advantages in tourism, scientific exploration, wild survival experiences, leisure and entertainment and healthcare.  

Meanwhile, Wuzhishan is the main place for the performances of Li and Miao traditional songs and dances and handicraft creation. The primitive, ancient, rich ethnic customs, unique hotels, as well as Li and Miao villages attract a large number of visitors every year. It is also the main place for the Sanyuesan Festival, a traditional festival of Li and Miao ethnic groups.


Yahu Rice Terraces in Wuzhishan city [Photo/wzs.gov.cn]

The beauty of mountainous scenery and various ethnic customs are the main attractions in Wuzhishan. The mountain, tropical rain forests, customs of Li and Miao ethnic groups, city sightseeing and driving along the roads connecting the cities in the middle of Hainan Island -- all these tourism attractions make Wuzhishan an eco-friendly tourism city. 

In 2020, Wuzhishan is projected to have achieved a regional GDP of 3.44 billion yuan ($533 million). The total amount of investment completed stood at 2.94 billion yuan and the urban and rural residents' income reached 32,200 yuan and 13,800 yuan respectively, with growth rates of 4.8 percent and 8.8 percent respectively. 

In 2021, Wuzhishan will strive to achieve a growth of more than 10 percent in its regional GDP; the local general public budget revenue will increase by about 3 percent; fixed asset investment will increase by 3 percent; total retail sales of consumer goods will increase by 10 percent; and per capita disposable income of urban residents will increase 8.5 percent; the per capita disposable income of rural residents will increase by more than 9 percent; and the urban unemployment registration rate will be controlled at under 4 percent.