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COVID-19 vaccine: Answers to frequently asked questions

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-01-11


Q: Is it still necessary to wear masks after vaccination?

A: Since no vaccine can provide 100 percent protection, a few people could still be infected. The population immune barrier has not been established at present.

Therefore, prevention cannot rely entirely on vaccination. People should wear masks, maintain social distancing and practice good hygiene.


Q: Can individuals bring vaccines overseas?

A: There are strict approval procedures for the entry and exit of vaccines. Individuals are not allowed to carry vaccines out of the country without permission, otherwise they may risk violating domestic and foreign laws.


Q: When can the general public begin vaccination?

A: After vaccines are approved by authorities to enter the market, the public could receive vaccination according to policies and the supply.


Q: Is it necessary for people who had COVID-19 or were asymptomatic carriers to get vaccinated?

A: While there were some cases of COVID-19 reinfection around the globe, most people who have had the virus produced the corresponding antibodies, similar to getting a vaccine, and therefore they are not advised to get vaccinated.

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