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COVID-19 vaccine: Answers to frequently asked questions

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-01-11


Q: How long can the protective effect of the vaccines last?

A: The current evidence suggests that the vaccine can protect an individual for at least half a year.


Q: Will a nucleic acid test give a positive result after vaccination?

A: In China, the nucleic acid test targets the virus antigen, and the domestic inactivated vaccines use a "killed" pathogenic microorganism that has completely lost its ability to infect and replicate. As such, vaccinated individuals will not get a positive test result.


Q: Can women get vaccinated during their period?

A: Yes, women can be vaccinated during their period.


Q: After getting vaccinated, do I need to get a nucleic acid test? Can proof of vaccination replace a nucleic acid test report?

A: Vaccination can reduce the rate of getting infected to a certain extent, but it cannot offer 100 percent protection. Those who have been vaccinated still have to cooperate with authorities for necessary nucleic acid tests in some cases.


Q: After receiving a vaccine, what should I do if a serum antibody test comes up positive during entry-exit inspection?

A: When those who have been vaccinated receive a positive serum antibody test but negative result in other tests, they should show their proof of vaccination to authorities for further diagnosis.

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