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Why Hainan

Hainan launches action plan on building first-class business environment

InvestHainan | Updated: 2020-10-21

VIII. Enforcing contracts 

21. Integrate resources on the "Hainan mobile micro-court" platform, accelerate the practice of online filing, promote cross-regional remote handling and cross-level joint handling of lawsuits, as well as create a one-stop mobile litigation service system.

IX. Filing for bankruptcy 

22. Implement on a trial basis the system of business deregistration through making announcements and commitments, streamline the procedure of bankruptcy liquidation, as well as facilitate the withdrawal of market entities.

23. Set up the bankruptcy administrator fee protection fund, foster the professional and market-oriented development of bankruptcy administrator professional teams, as well as promote the withdrawal of "zombie enterprises" from the market.  

24. Promote the legislation on bankruptcy for the Hainan FTP, standardize business bankruptcy procedures, and explore the establishment of an individual bankruptcy system.

X. Talent movement 

25. Improve the international talent evaluation mechanism, evaluate human resource categories by applying payment as the main indicator, and establish a market-oriented talent mechanism.

26. Adopt the negative list management on the work permits of foreigners working in the Hainan FTP, expand the scope of permanent residence applied by foreign high-end industrial talents, and open up more visa-free entry channels.

27. Professionals with Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan qualifications in the financial, architectural, planning, patent agency, and other service sectors are allowed to practice in Hainan without taking the mainland practice examination. 

XI. Building a service-oriented government

28. Explore the establishment of a "free trade port construction experience officer" system and strengthen the application of "positive/negative rating" results of government service to encourage the government to improve its service capability and efficiency through assessments from market entities in Hainan.

29. Accelerate the application of an "all-in-one code" in the field of government service, and enable the accessibility to all government-service-related affairs through the code, which shall be adopted for administrative examination and approval, public service, and comprehensive supervision.

30. Promote the reform of cross-regional jurisdiction of administrative cases. Reform the jurisdiction mechanism of administrative cases, enhance the judicial credibility of administrative trials, as well as resolutely stop and correct the violations of interests of private enterprises by administrative bodies and law enforcement personnel at all levels.

31. Launch intensive special rectification campaigns in construction and engineering project bidding, eliminate the unreasonable restrictions and barriers set for enterprises with different types of ownership, especially private enterprises and foreign-invested enterprises, as well as standardize the practice of bidding agents and evaluation experts in accordance with the law.

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