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Why Hainan

Hainan launches action plan on building first-class business environment

InvestHainan | Updated: 2020-10-21

IV. Getting credit and improving financing environment 

11. Implement the government-bank-insurance joint credit guarantee that provides a collective credit scheme for sci-tech SMEs, as well as specialized and innovative enterprises. Government departments select small- and medium-sized sci-tech enterprises, as well as specialized and innovative enterprises, and establish a risk sharing mechanism for bank loans, in which bonding companies will provide guarantees and banks issue long-term loans. City and county level finance authorities offer subsidies to guarantee companies for qualified business operations based on local financial capacity.

12. In tourism, modern service, and the high-tech industry, as well as other key industries, the industrial chain guarantee loan model will be explored through which large and strong companies will provide guarantee to small and weak ones, improving the level of financial services and easing the financial difficulties of enterprises.

V. Taxpaying convenience

13. Promote the integrated tax service portal, on which over 90 percent of tax related issues can be handled, as well as explore and promote the application of blockchain technology in taxation management.

VI. Trading Across Borders 

14. Improve the building of Hainan's "single window" for international trade, strengthen the building and application of a port-logistics collaboration system, as well as enhance the level of cross-border trade facilitation.

15. Promote the "two-step declaration" of imported goods, as well as further reduce the time for declaration preparation and customs clearance.

16. Improve the paperless system of Yangpu Port's container terminal and promote its application to improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

17. Apply the dynamic "one negative and three positives" checklist management of zero tariff imported goods.

VII. Protecting investors 

18. Further facilitate in and out capital transfer management under the QFLP scheme, and improve the mechanism for protecting investor rights and interests.

19. Pilot the establishment of a green channel for rapid patent examination and authorization in the Haikou National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone and Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, as well as create a demonstration zone for intellectual property protection for the Hainan FTP.

20. Explore the establishment of compensation insurance for overseas intellectual property infringement loss. Insurance institutions are encouraged to carry out overseas intellectual property infringement liability insurance, patent enforcement insurance, and patent infringement loss insurance.

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