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Hainan launches 31 measures to improve business environment

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-10-16

China's island province Hainan recently unveiled a 2020-2021 action plan to further improve its business environment, with 31 measures rolled out to speed up the building of a business environment characterized by rule of law, international standards, and great convenience. 

The measures cover 11 areas including starting a business, applying for construction permits, property registration, obtaining credit and improving the financing environment, tax facilitation, cross-border trade, investor protection, execution of contracts, handling bankruptcy, talent flow, as well as building a service-oriented government.

In terms of tax facilitation, the island province will promote its "one website" mechanism to handle all types of taxes, with the goal of having more than 90 percent of the main tax-related service matters able to be done online, while also exploring the application of blockchain technology in tax management.

Efforts on promoting the construction of the "single window" of Hainan's international trade will be bolstered, while Hainan will also strengthen the construction and application of the port logistics coordination system, enhancing the facilitation level of cross-border trade and promoting the "two-step declaration" of imported goods. The province will also seek to further reduce the time taken for declaration preparation and customs clearance, as well as improve the paperless system at the container terminal in Yangpu Port.

In terms of the construction of a service-oriented government, Hainan will introduce a "free trade port construction experience officer" system, as well as strengthen the use of an evaluation system in government services. It will also accelerate the application of a "one-code system" in the field of government services, achieving access to all administrative matters via one code and promoting the reform of handling cross-region administrative cases.