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Hainan rolls out 17 measures to improve port business environment

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-09-15

The Hainan Provincial Coast Defense and Port Office has recently issued 17 special reform measures to improve port business environment and facilitate cross-border trade.

These measures cover 10 major aspects:

1. Further expand the application of the "single window" in international trade.

2. Continue to deepen the reform of port customs clearance.

3. Improve handling procedures for government affairs with only online electronic documents required. 

4. Enhance the application of "customs clearance plus logistics" for containers.

5. Make import and export operation procedures, as well as the operation time limit of the ports public.

6. Upgrade port facilities, as well as enhance the investment and application of advanced equipment.

7. Pilot the practices of "direct delivery upon ship arrival" for import goods and "direct loading upon ship departure" for exports to simplify clearance procedures.

8. Make port charges public, as well as carry out supervision and inspection.

9. Optimize the supervision model for special commodities import and export.

10. Improve services for enterprises.