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Sanya airport adds off-shore duty-free shopping pick-up windows

english.sanya.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-07-03


Tourists shop at duty-free shops in Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex. [Photo/hinews.cn]

Sanya Phoenix International Airport will add 20 new duty-free goods pick-up windows in Terminal 1 for the convenience of global shoppers.

The new windows are under construction and are expected to be completed before July 10. After completion, the total number of pick-up windows will rise to 38, which will significantly shorten the amount of time needed for lining and will make duty-free shopping in Sanya a lot easier.

To improve the offshore duty-free shopping experience, as well as to provide a case of integrative institutional innovation that can be replicated and promoted, Sanya will make full use of the preferential policies, streamline picking up procedures, upgrade the efficiency and quality of services, as well as actively explore new customs supervision models in the future.



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