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Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone

Updated: 2020-06-05

The establishment of Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone was approved by the State Council on December 22, 2008. It covers an area of 1.93 square kilometers, with a living area of  450 acres.

The zone consists of four major functional areas: the bonded logistics zone, the bonded storage zone, the bonded processing zone and the port operation zone. The layout of the zone is clear and reasonable and the resources of functional zones are complementary.

The Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone focuses on the development of open industries such as commodity trade, bonded warehousing and logistics, international direct marketing and high value-added processing, and actively explores new formats such as direct import, cross-border e-commerce, financial leasing and auction transactions. It explores the implementation of pilot projects in the free trade zone to create an important export-oriented service trade park of Hainan's pilot service trade innovation and development. 

The leading Industries of Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone include international commodity trade, bonded processing and bonded logistics, bonded finance leasing, imported motor vehicle trade, sales of direct imported goods, as well as jewelry processing and trade.


A view of Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone. [Photo/WeChat account gjlydsb]