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Procedures for HK, Macao and Taiwan investors to set up wholly-owned hospitals in the Chinese mainland

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2020-04-28


Service providers applying for the establishment of wholly-owned hospitals should be legal persons who can independently bear civil liabilities, should have direct or indirect experience in medical and health investment and management, as well as meet one of the following requirements:

(1) Capable of providing advanced hospital management experience, management mode, and service mode.

(2) Able to provide medical technology with an internationally advanced level.

The hospital to be established shall meet the following conditions:

(1) It must be an independent legal person. 

(2) The total investment of the third-class hospital should be no less than 50 million yuan ($7.06 million), and the total investment of the second-class hospital should be no less than 20 million yuan.

(3) It meets the basic standards of second-class hospitals. 

(4) The total investment requirements of wholly-owned hospitals set up in marginal or impoverished areas can be appropriately reduced. 


1. Application materials for setting up a medical institution 

2. Project proposal

3. Project feasibility study report

4. Certificate of service provider in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan

5. Legal person registration certificate, legal representative identity certificate, and bank credit certificate

6. Project site selection report, project building plan, land use lease certificate

7. Materials that can prove service providers' ability to provide international advanced hospital management experience, management mode, and service mode

8. Planning for the Establishment of Medical Institutions issued by the local government and the review opinions of the municipal health commission

Main procedures:

Accept case - approval office review - business office review - special handling process - case completed

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