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2019-nCoV pneumonia guide for expats in Hainan

SSTV News | Updated: 2020-01-30

How do foreigners living in Hainan find authoritative answers to their questions at home, and how do they get medical treatment? What symptoms require treatment in a hospital? Under what circumstances do people need to be under observation at home? What should we pay attention to when we go to the hospital? Multiple departments in Hainan province have provided online and offline guidance.

In the face of this sudden outbreak, many foreigners living in Hainan do not know how to protect themselves. But there's good news — foreign residents can call the Hainan 12345 hotline for consultation, get some answers about the epidemic at home and reduce the risk of going out for medical treatment.

At present, the hotline has staff who can speak English, Korean, Russian and Thai. Among them, nine can provide services in English, three in Korean, one in Russian and one in Thai. However, only English services are provided around the clock. Due to the severe situation of prevention and control for the pneumonia epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, many key hospitals in Hainan province have strengthened outpatient care for feverish patients and also provided reception and treatment services for foreigners.

Again it must be clearly stated that during this outbreak, going out should be avoided. Going to the hospital for treatment is not recommended except in emergency cases.


Wu Bin, deputy chief physician of the hematology department at Hainan General Hospital. [Photo/SSTV News]