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采珠拾贝 Asian Spectrum

hiiff.com.cn | Updated: 2019-12-04


About Him or How He Did Not Fear the Bear

导演: 娜里内·姆赫奇杨 Nariné Mkrtchyan、阿尔森·阿萨提杨 Arsen Azatyan

国家: 亚美尼亚 Armenia

时长: 111

年份: 2019

Ivan Povarenko deserts his position one night at a Russian army base in Gyumri, Armenia, enters a house and uses his automatic to kill all the members of the family living there, not even sparing the children. Everyone is shocked. People take to the streets to protest. A priest, Father Avetis, who has a good reputation in the city, tries everything he can to calm the upset crowds. But he meets with the killer at the detention center in the army base and is faced with a dilemma.


All This Victory

导演: 艾哈迈德·戈赛因 Ahmad Ghossein

国家: 黎巴嫩 Lebanon、法国 France、卡塔尔Qatar

时长: 94

年份: 2019

2006年7月的黎巴嫩,战争仍在继续。 在24小时的停火期间,马文回到南部村庄寻找他的父亲,却意外与一行人被困于一间狭小的房屋中,很快停火结束,房屋周围再次陷入枪林弹雨。在接下来恐怖而漫长的三天里,他们将面临以色列士兵的包围和攻击。影片巧妙地运用画外空间营造战时恐怖气氛,给人以强烈的压迫与窒息感。
Lebanon, July 2006. During a 24h ceasefire, Marwan heads out in search of his father who refused to leave his Southern village. As the ceasefire is quickly broken, Marwan finds himself under the rain of bombs and takes shelter in a house with a group of elders. Suddenly, a group of Israeli soldiers enter the first floor. Trapped in the house and hostages of their own fears, the next three days will see the situation spiral out of control.


Among the Hills

导演: 默罕默德·雷萨·基范法尔 Mohammad Reza Keyvanfar

国家: 伊朗 Iran

时长: 76

年份: 2019

Amir enters a strange border area. He is supposed to teach in a nomadic school, which is an old bus rented by the Education Office with no students. The bus owner comes to reclaim the bus and throws Amir out of the school. Amir enters nomadic life and asks the nomads to help him keep the school. Due to the difficult circumstances, Amir must decide whether to continue his efforts or return to the city.



导演: 亚龙·沙尼 Yaron Shani

国家: 以色列 Israel、德国 Germany

时长: 112

年份: 2019

A police officer is being accused of sexually attacking two boys. His helplessness under the investigation, and his inability to have a child of his own, pushes him toward the edges of his existence, where anything could happen.



导演: 村桥直树 Naoki Murahashi

国家: 日本 Japan

时长: 89

年份: 2019

This mockumentary dives deep into the tragicomic world of the "towns-people" stand-ins working at Warp Station Edo, a popular shooting location for samurai dramas, through a piercing study of a 63-year-old extra. This ambitious mockumentary forms a compelling commentary on the aspirations that shape film productions and the feelings that a simple, ho-hum life can evoke.


Haifa Street

导演: 莫哈纳德·哈亚尔 Mohanad Hayal

国家: 伊拉克 Iraq、卡塔尔Qatar

时长: 79

年份: 2019

It's 2006 and Baghdad is ravaged by sectarian violence. With Haifa Street as the epicenter of the conflict, masked gunmen and snipers reign with terror for unclear reasons and political allegiances. When Ahmed gets dropped off there by a taxi on his way to his beloved Suad's home asking for her hand in marriage, he gets shot by Salam, an anxious young sniper who's living his own personal hell on a rooftop above. So begins the drama.


Hava, Maryam, Ayesha

导演: 萨赫拉·卡里米 Sahraa Karimi

国家: 阿富汗 Afghanistan

时长: 86

年份: 2019

Three Afghan women from different social background, living in Kabul, are facing a big challenge in their lives. Hava, a traditional pregnant woman whom no one cares about, is living with her father and mother in law. Her only joy is talking to the baby in her belly. Maryam, an educated TV news reporter, is about to get a divorce from her unfaithful husband that finds out she is pregnant. Ayesha, an 18-year old girl accepts to marry her cousin because she is pregnant from her boyfriend who disappears after hearing her pregnancy news. Each of them has to solve their problem by themselves for the first time.


The House of Us

导演: 允佳恩 Ga-eun Yoon

国家: 韩国 South Korea

时长: 92

年份: 2019

During summer break, Hana encounters Yoomi and her younger sister Yoojin whose parents are always out of town, struggling to make ends meet. Spiritually supporting each other, Hana, Yoomi and Yoojin try ever harder to defend their families. Unfortunately, Hana overhears news about her parents’ divorce and Yoomi receives an eviction notice, leading to their leaving home in search of Yoomi and Yoojin's parents.



导演: 周防正行 Masayuki Suo

国家: 日本 Japan

时长: 127

年份: 2019

A century ago in the period of silent motion pictures, the katsudo-benshi, known as katsuben, aroused audiences by providing live commentary to films. A young man, dreaming to become a professional Katsuben, works as an assistant in a theater. He soon booms his talent for film commentary, which brings back his first love, but she also seems to have her own problem.



导演: 布里兰特·曼多萨 Brillante Mendoza

国家: 菲律宾 Philippines

时长: 123

年份: 2019

Saima spends the final days of her sickly daughter Aisa at the House of Hope in Davao City while waiting for her husband Malang, a combat medic, to come back home from an offensive operation in the province of Maguindanao. Saima mirrors the harrowing life in Mindanao by retelling the epic tale of Rajah and Sulayman to Aisa - a story of two warrior brothers who fight against the dragons, Ginto and Pula. Despite the bleak circumstances, Saima remains hopeful that her daughter and husband will both continue to live.

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