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Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

govt.chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2019-06-13


The surgical building of Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Haikou, capital of South China's Hainan province [Photo/hinews.cn]

Founded in 1958, Haikou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a time-honored 3A-grade hospital, the highest possible level in China's grading system for public hospitals, and integrates clinical treatment, scientific research, medical education, disease prevention, healthcare and rehabilitation.

It is a non-directly-affiliated hospital of the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and an education base of Hainan Medical College.

The hospital consists of three inpatient departments and four clinical centers. It covers a total area of nearly 50 mu (about 3.4 hectares) and provides 620 beds, with a construction area of 46,000 square meters. The hospital has 837 employees, including 667 medical professionals, 53 senior technicians and 103 intermediate technicians. The service team has also recruited a famous Traditional Chinese Medicine master with national certification and 44 seasoned doctors with Masters' degrees or above.
The hospital has built facilities and services covering a complete range of disciplines with 14 clinical departments (pulmonary, encephalopathy, spleen and stomach, oncology, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, massage, acupuncture and rehabilitation, critical medicine, emergency and anesthesiology) and 10 technological departments (blood transfusion, radiology, medical image, endoscopy and pathology.) It is also dedicated to passing on Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques to future generations of medical practitioners.

The hospital is also fully equipped with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge medical devices, including the Siemens 1.5T nuclear magnetic resonance inspector (MRI), Siemens 64-row spiral CT, sharp digital X-ray system (DR), Siemens digital C-arm system, Secker high-definition laparoscopic, Olympia Si-electronic gastrointestinal mirror, color Doppler ultrasound diagnostic device, extracorporeal shock wave lithotripter, automatic biochemical analyzer, and many other imported devices.
The hospital strictly adheres to the creed of Traditional Chinese Medicine and focuses on the needs of patients, striving to "promote the quintessence of the country and benefit the people." The hospital also aims to further integrate Chinese and Western medicine by highlighting the characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine and absorbing the experimental methods of Western medicine. With its comprehensive range of healthcare services and high quality clinical care, the hospital has won many honorary titles at the national, provincial and municipal levels.

Address: No 4 Jinpan Road, Longhua district, Haikou, Hainan province