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Lychee picking in Haikou sets Guinness World Record

By Feng Lu | ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2019-05-16


Twelve orchardists pick 758.15 kilograms of Haikou volcano lychees, creating a Guinness World Record. [Photo by Guo Cheng/news.cn]

A team comprised of 12 members picked 758.15 kilograms of lychees within one hour in Haikou on May 15, creating a Guinness World Record.

The original target was 300 kilograms, yet the team doubled the number.

Volcano lychees have a planting history of 2,000 years in Hainan, covering more than 100,000 mu. It is popular for its selenium enrichment, succulent taste, small nucleus, and fragrant smell. In April, it was awarded as a national geographical indication certification mark by the State Administration for Market Regulation, which further enhanced its brand value.

Its total output this year is expected to reach 55 million kilograms. Besides orchardists and dealers, many e-commerce platforms have also generated positive results selling Haikou volcano litchis, such as Juhuasuan and Tmall.

Volcano lychee is the first regional public brand jointly promoted by Juhuasuan and the Haikou municipal government. The e-commerce platform plans to sell at least 300 tons of the fruit within three days from May 15 to 17, and a total of 135 tons have been sold within 24 hours.


An orchardist picks Haikou volcano lychees to create a new Guinness World Record. [Photo by Guo Cheng/news.cn]


Haikou volcano lychees are having a great harvest this year. [Photo by Li Duojiang/news.cn]