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Hainan holds environmental activities on Arbor Day

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2019-03-13


Volunteers plant new seedlings at the Daodong Forestry Center in Wenchang on March 12. [Photo by Yuan Chen/hinews.cn] 

Hainan had planted 13.88 million mu (925,333.33 hectares) of trees by China's 40th Arbor Day on March 12.

The forest coverage rate has risen from 21 percent in 1978 to 62.1 percent in 2018, far beyond the national average increase of 10 percent.

The provincial forestry department organized a volunteer event on Arbor Day at the Daodong Forestry Center in Wenchang to grow casuarina equisetifolia, a type of evergreen cash tree with many ecological and economic benefits. The trees were planted in neat rows and gave life to the monotonous gravel landscape.

In Hainan's Dongfang city, the government sent out free saplings to residents to plant around their houses.

Over the years, the concept of green development has taken root in Hainan and planting trees has become a social custom. Various environmental activities have sprung up, including "adopting" trees and raising money for planting.

Hainan is making increasing efforts to support a series of environmental projects to preserve and restore its ecosystems, such as establishing more nature reserves and wetland parks.

In 2019, the forestry department plans to afforest 100,000 mu of land and push forward its greening campaign. It continues to encourage residents to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Trees are planted in Hainan in celebration of Arbor Day. [Photo by Yuan Chen/hinews.cn]