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Blooming kapok flowers blanket Changjiang

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2019-02-14


Vast numbers of red kapok bloom in Changjiang. [Photo by Yuan Cai and Huang Fu/Hainan Daily]

This year's spring tourism activities will begin in Changjiang Li autonomous county, Hainan province this weekend, running for a month.

Nine themed activities, including singing and dancing shows, folk performances, and a photo competition, will be held. Blooming red kapoks will help spruce up the atmosphere.

The view of kapok blossoms along the riverside in Pai'an village, Chahe town, Changjiang attracts many visitors. Fields filled with rice paddies and kapoks light up the whole countryside like a classical painting. The kapok scenic spot offers a walking tour that gives tourists a glimpse into rural life.

A special B&B for viewing kapoks opened in Pai'an village just 200 meters from the popular attraction. The house is characterized by its Li architectural style, full of folk charm, surrounded by red kapoks, and offering local green food to tourists. The village fair sells fresh produce directly from local farmers.

A series of kapok viewing activities showcase the unique culture and natural beauty of Changjiang. The tourism activities suit the local development trend and provide an opportunity to accelerate industrial transformation. The renowned Changjiang kapok has helped turn Changjiang into a tourist destination and contributed to the development of local tourism and tertiary industries. Changjiang's abundant natural resources will help drive economic growth and increase incomes for locals.


People walk along a rice paddy field in Changjiang to admire the red kapoks. [Photo by Yuan Cai and Huang Fu/Hainan Daily]

During the tourism festival this spring, Changjiang will continue to host sport events and redesign activities to take full advantage of the kapok. It will also create more interesting resorts.

Changjiang issued the plan in 2018 to develop all-for-one tourism. Rapid development has taken place as various tourism campaigns are carried out. New scenic spots will be constructed after two national practical innovation centers are completed. Changjiang continues to enrich its tourism industry with the goal of becoming a tourist paradise for all seasons, and plans to build sport centers to enrich people's lives.

Huang Jincheng, secretary of Changjiang Li autonomous county committee, said that Changjiang strives to become a first-class tourist zone in West Hainan through industrial transformation. All-for-one tourism has been promoted in order to achieve tourism-driven economic growth. A series of national parks, holiday resorts, and scenic spots have been planned for development in local regions.


A spectacular night view of Changjiang [Photo by Yuan Cai and Huang Fu/Hainan Daily]