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Hainan Flower Park (Haikou)

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2019-02-12


Flowers blossom in Hainan Flower Park [Photo by Zhang Mao/hinews.cn]

Hainan Flower Park sits beside the Nandu River in Fucheng town, Qiongshan district, Haikou. It is one of Haikou's key attractions, covering an area of 20 hectares. It costs a total of 46.96 million yuan ($6.96 million) to build, includes the largest flower trade show in Hainan and has become a major tourist destination.

The flower park is divided into eight different areas for flower trading, exhibitions and cultivating new flower species.

One of the park's most popular spots is Hainan Cultural Street, a 500-meter street located between Meilan International Airport and Haikou's urban areas. It is a distinctive street offering natural beauty, tourist attractions and gourmet delicacies. The park has become Haikou's most well-known spot and is a great destination for visitors.


A special type of flower shaped like Buddha's belly can be seen in the Hainan Flower Park [Photo/hinews.cn]

The street is noted for its 30 large exhibition halls that cost 50 million yuan to build. The halls feature Li and Miao architectural styles and consist of classic garden landscapes, artificial hills and bridges. Another 20 million yuan was put into landscape engineering.

In addition to the eye-catching attractions, tourists can also buy local souvenirs such as Hainan dalbergia odorifera, ancient porcelain and Li brocades. They can also taste street snacks from Thailand, Japan and South Korea. Thirty foreign enterprises have settled in the area, giving the street a more international flavor.


The traditional-style gate of Hainan Cultural Street [Photo/hi.chinanews.com]

Efforts are being made to develop Hainan Cultural Street into Hainan's largest exhibitor of tourism products and a demonstration site for Haikou's intangible cultural heritage items and rare plant species.

Address: Binjiang Road, Qiongshan district, Haikou

Phone number: +86 0898 36311858

Rank: 4A

How to get there: Bus No 21, No 41, No 45, No 46, No 69 and No 205


Classic Hainan architecture on Hainan Cultural Street. [Photo/hinews.cn]