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Lingshui Pickled Noodles

ehainan.gov.cn | Updated: 2018-11-29


Lingshui Pickled Noodles [Photo/hinews.cn]

Lingshui Pickled Noodles are the special snacks of Hainan's Lingshui Li autonomous county.

Rice is the raw material used to make the snack and sour sauce is mixed in with the long, thin rice noodles. If you like a little spicy with your sour, add some locally produced yellow lantern pepper sauce to give it a little extra zing.

Common ingredients include beef jerky, fish pie slices, dried sandworms, shredded squid, crispy peanuts, Chinese chives and coriander.

Lingshui Pickled Noodles were selected into Hainan's third batch of the provincial-level intangible cultural heritage list in 2011 and an activity gathering 100,000 people to eat Lingshui Pickled Noodles together in 2012 created a Guinness World Record.


Instant Lingshui Pickled Noodles [Photo by Wu Wei/Hainan Daily]